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Seriously Guys

feels SpongeBob SquarePants doctor who - 6852688384
By alpacamybooks

Feelslow Dash

bbbff brother feels Hasbro rainbow dash the internets - 6326044416
By Deavas

The Most Feeliest Episode of the Season

cartoon memes the tale of two stans feels
disney feels kids frozen - 72990721

This Little Girl Gets a Voicemail From Kristen Bell That Will Warm Your Heart

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feels zombie Video fathers day - 49283073

This Guy is Definitely Father of the Year

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Kill It With Fire!

feels squee Scootaloo - 8078970368
By Emperor_Xenol

What It's Like Being a Fantastic Four Fan

Via SmorgasBorgnine

Set Phasers to Feel

feels all the things Star Trek - 6851236864
By Unknown

Gather Round Kids, It's Time for a Feels Trip

arceus feels Pokémon - 8022138624
By alex.malins.39

Patrick Stewart Gives This Fan the Surprise of a Lifetime and a Hug That'll Warm Your Heart

feels patrick stewart Star Trek scifi - 8332621056
Via James Barker

Miss You, Buddy

Sad disney feels up - 7058998784
By Unknown

Sad Girls in the Snow

feels cartoons - 7240222208
By Casull

Right in the Feels...

Pokémon cubone feels tattoos - 8053851392
By Unknown

The Last Feelsbender

feels gifs Avatar the Last Airbender - 7433383680
By Unknown

Prepare for Feels, and Make It Double

feels Meowth Team Rocket - 8202848000
By Megamean09

Don't Forget Your Dad on Father's Day

charmander fathers day feels - 5496965632
By Unknown