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The Real Reason Trainers Find Pokéballs With Items in Them

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Created by Sosuke

Solid Advice to Start Your Day

feels gifs true blood advice - 7751891200
Created by Unknown

Finn's Shadow, Why Do You Do This?

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Created by Unknown

Tugs At My Multi-Universe Heartstrings

peter parker feels Straight off the Page gwen stacy Spider-Man - 8398739712
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Why You Do Dis to Me? :(

Sad Pokémon cubone feels marowak - 8447118848
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Dem Feels

feels gifs changelings - 7322738432
Created by megaman10

Poor Pikachu

Sad Pokémon gifs anime pikachu food feels - 7173581056
Created by Unknown

Too... Many... Feels

Pokémon feels web comics - 8312398592
Created by Woopar

I Only Care About Animated People and Animals

anime memes people die every day

We Miss You Brock

gifs brock feels anime - 7056164352
Created by Unknown
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Prepare Your Feels for a Reminder of the Most Emotional Animated Films

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Please Don't Put Me in a PC

pokemon memes sad shiny pokemon comic
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feels Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp - 72555521

Captain Jack Sparrow Visits a Children's Hospital in Australia

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The Trailers Promised Me Broken Girls

feels rwby - 8574590976
Created by Sosuke ( Via ookaminoki )


Sad feels Memes come here - 6978635264
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This Bond Between Us Can't be Broken

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