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Here's Hoping Yours Isn't the Mother of Madness

Fan Art feels Game of Thrones - 8182914304
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Dem Feels....

Fan Art cubone feels marowak - 8211142912
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Majora's Feels

feels legend of zelda - 8747143424
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Why I'd Never Catch a Legendary

pokemon memes sad mew
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Those "Missing Your Favorite Show" Feels

feels Rage Comics - 6814205952
By Novem_Vulpes
feels Spider-Man - 72115201

All Aboard the Feels Train: This Spider-Man Fan Film Honors the Memory of a Child Who Passed Due to Brain Cancer

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Dem Feels

feels gifs changelings - 7322738432
By megaman10

Don't Forget Your Dad on Father's Day

charmander fathers day feels - 5496965632
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reboot feels Fantastic Four - 73467393

Why Reboots Suck

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Patrick Stewart Gives This Fan the Surprise of a Lifetime and a Hug That'll Warm Your Heart

feels patrick stewart Star Trek scifi - 8332621056
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The Feel Type Pokémon

feels sylveon - 7065239808
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feels The Walking Dead - 7061230592
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Tears in Heaven

anime memes maes hughes nina alexander in heaven
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disney feels not okay Video big hero 6 - 68989697

The Hamada Handshake Compilation

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Super Feels

cat feels off the page funny superman - 7632333568
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Your Friends Never Really Leave You

feels superheroes - 7412650496
By hachan