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feels pmv MLP - 72573697

RIP Golden Oaks Library PMV

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I'll Never Forget the Little Guys Who Helped Me Survive

nintendo feels Sad pikmin - 8420242432
Via Bing Shop

Nerd Alert: Today is Harry Potter's Son's First Day at Hogwarts

geek memes james s potter first day at hogwarts
Via JR Rowling

Gather Round Kids, It's Time for a Feels Trip

arceus feels Pokémon - 8022138624
Created by alex.malins.39


try not to cry feels pokemon mystery dungeon - 8200545280
Created by rnadomcoolguy123
feels Spider-Man - 72115201

All Aboard the Feels Train: This Spider-Man Fan Film Honors the Memory of a Child Who Passed Due to Brain Cancer

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Goodnight Sweet Lee

feels The Walking Dead - 6967414784
Created by Unknown

Too Many Feels 7.8/10

ORAS feels too much water IGN - 8383430144
Created by ShrugsMcMeh

Until we Meet Again

feels anime - 8563515904
Created by Sosuke

Service Pokémon

feels Pokémon - 8258793216
Via shavostars

X Feels

feels x files - 8710481408
Created by Scabba

One of the Best Episodes Ever, I Guess

try not to cry feels cartoons adventure time - 8102035712
Created by EFFI-EFFI

I Think Twilight Would Disagree

school feels twilight sparkle - 7823739392
Created by linkandnavi

Because You Didn't Need to Feel Happy Today

Pokémon feels cartoons - 8566097408
Created by e.squeezey ( Via because-dachshunds )

Gen Urobutcher

anime feels gifs - 8463239424
Created by Unknown

Don't Tell Me They're Just Cartoons

feels anime - 8404451840
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