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You Did Good, Kid.

Sad feels Spider-Man motion comic - 7020165632
By madtownvox


Sad feels animal crossing - 8577838336
By Travis_Touchdown

Nostalgia hits hard

try not to cry cry a lot meme: i hope in the last episode of pokemon you see as knocking at misty's house with a brand new bike.
By k-pony-97

Korra's Clearly an Emotionally Mature Show

feels Avatar the Last Airbender cartoons Avatar korra - 7812944384
By Unknown

I Could Have Caught Them All

video games geek feels FAIL pokeball misty - 8592876288
See all captions By Mamalugia

Nina, All Grown Up

anime memes lolisoup fullmetal alchemist nina grows up
Via lolisoup

She Also Gives Love a Bad Name

kuvira feels book 4 - 8402357760
By sleepless_raccoon

Right in the Feels

feels anime - 8110939904
By PlayersAce

The Iron Feels

feels movies cartoons the Iron Giant - 7071706112
By JoPa04

Tron 's Causing My Feels to be Uprising

feels cartoons - 7679285248
By xcxcxcxc (Via skullvis)
feels Whovian Matt Smith 11th Doctor regeneration reaction - 67752449

A Whovian Reaction To Matt Smith's Regeneration

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Poor Pikachu

Sad Pokémon gifs anime pikachu food feels - 7173581056
By Unknown

Bullets Go Right Through It

Via darklitria
feels anime fullmetal alchemist Video - 51017217

This Bond Between Us Can't be Broken

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Tactical Feels Incoming

Sad feels tara strong - 7579460096
By Unknown

You'll Never See This Gif the Same Way Again

feels gifs Game of Thrones - 7579101696
By Unknown
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