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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Happy Easter Everyone!

easter Pokémon art eggs cute - 7186485504
Via Moorina

Let's Hang it on the Fridge

cute drawing pinkie pie the internets - 6368572928
Created by Defender_of_5


cute MLP - 8549191424
Via sanity-x


gif baby cute fluttershy flying - 7744541696
Created by AbsolLucky13

Let's Dance!

cute ditto gifs pokemon amie - 7905942528
Created by TheGengar

When You Gotta Travel for Work, but She's Just Going to Have to Come Along


She's Having Such Fun

fun art cute batgirl - 6977899008
Via Julian Totino Tedesco

Black Ops 2 Emblem? Pinkie Pie!

emblem cute pinkie pie - 6787827968
Created by technoangel911

Tastes Like Fashion

cute fashion gifs rarity the internets - 6209254400
Created by Defender_of_5 ( Via keanno )

From SDCC: Must Have Been a Hell of a Fight

aquaman costume cute Green lantern rule 63 sdcc 2012 Super Costume - 6421465088
Via Life, Film, and Everything

Hey, I Brought a New Meme Back

cmc Run DMC cute ponify - 8462653952
Created by iceing711

Set Phasers to LOL: Dogvengers, Assemble!

avengers best of the week chris hemsworth cute dogs Jeremy renner mark ruffalo Samuel L Jackson scarlett johansson tom hiddleston totally looks like - 6202370048
Via Mister Masochist

It'll Be Alright Cubone

art best of week charmander cubone cute hug super effective - 5536178432

Could Take Over the World

daw hnnng cute fluttershy - 7001477632
Created by Novem_Vulpes ( Via Ignition4596 )

Gotta Catch ALL the Charms

cute Fan Art Jewelry Pokeballs Pokémon - 5650053632
Via egyptianruin

Did I Hear Someone Say Pokémon?