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Robert Downey Jr. Weights in on Becoming His 20-Year-Old Self in Captain America: Civil War

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Truly Captain "America"

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The Budget was 7 Dollars

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Chris Evans Says 'If Marvel Wants Me, They Got Me'

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That's The Most Difficult Way To Accomplish That

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Captain America Is Totally Real!

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Wow, Who Decided to Chop All These Onions in Here?

toy story captain america Wow, Who Decided to Chop All These Onions in Here?
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But Who?

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Who Is That Masked Jack-Ass

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The Marvel vs DC Split

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Annd Here We Go

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Even Without the CGI It's Better Than Batman v Superman?...

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Marvel Announces New Captain America on Colbert Report

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The Future is Here, Steve

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The Avengers '78

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Now Let's Go Light Some Fireworks!

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