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Everyone Is a Troll

avengers captain america hawkeye hulk Straight off the Page Thor wtf - 5612546560
Created by zupesy

Sam Extracts The Whole Crew

captain america falcon Fan Art - 8224654080
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Black Widow winter soldier captain america - 59186177

For Those Who Haven't Met Black Widow Yet, Here's A Handy Guide From Marvel

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Super Lips

batman captain america Random Heroics superman - 6320943616
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via JKnowles )

What a Party

captain america creepy Straight off the Page wtf - 5844825344
Created by Unknown

Senén Llano's Lovely Comicon Portraits

captain america cosplay nurse So Conventional stormtrooper - 5360826368
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J.J. Feeling All the Righteous Self-Validation Right Now

marvel captain america superheroes Spider-Man - 8793178368
Created by DRCEQ

Other Stuff Captain America Can Do All Day

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He is Also Missing a Sound Effect

deadpool comic superheroes He is Also Missing a Sound Effect
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captain america winter soldier - 64336129

Captain America 2 Gets a Second Gag Reel

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The Summer Soldier

winter soldier captain america - 9006678016
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Colossal Shock for Peter Parker

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Do You Want To Topple Hydra?

captain america frozen Fan Art winter soldier - 8163101952
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Fourth of July is Officially Captain America Day!

gifs captain america falcon - 8242586112
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Everyone's Getting Ready for Fall

iron man captain america - 8350952704
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But He Can Try

captain america that sounds naughty off the page - 7907098880
Created by xyzpdq1 ( Via Comically Vintage )