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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Prescribe Doctor Strange as the Ultimate Cure to Captain America: Civil War

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Padded Muscles... NOOOO!!

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Oh Paul Rudd, You Devil!

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marvel iron man captain america superheroes - 82858753

Watch This Guy Test Out His Real Life Iron Man Rocket Launcher

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Deadpool's Commentary In Captain America: Civil War Would've Been A Welcomed Addition

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This Video Breaks Down Everything That Was Wrong With Captain America: Civil War

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Destined to Do This All Day!

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"I'm Just a Little Depressed; That's All. I Can Get Through This."

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It's a Fairly Common Name

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He's the Captain Now...

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It Turns out All the Black Panther Scenes in Captain America:Civil War Were CGI

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Honestly Leaning Toward The Punisher On This One

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marvel iron man captain america ant man superheroes - 82583809

Captain America: Civil War Is Introduced to Marvel vs. Capcom in This Hysterical Clip

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marvel captain america superheroes funny - 954885

Leslie Jones Discovering Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War Is Funnier than Anyone Expected

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captain america deadpool movies iron man marvel - 82559745

This Fan Video Cleverly Adds Deadpool to Captain America: Civil War, and It's Perfect

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marvel honest trailers captain america superheroes Video - 82529025

We Learn What the Avengers Really Think of Captain America in This Honest Trailer

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