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Captain Likes!

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Russo Brothers Confirm That Captain America Is No Longer, Well, Captain America

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Here Are the Easter Eggs and References You Might Have Missed If You Weren't Watching the 'Captain America: Civil War" Trailer Closely

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Party Time With the Avengers

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Must Buy!

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Marvel's New Property Is On Point

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Avengers: Hawkeye is Revealed...don't worry he's wearing clothes...

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Following in Deadpool's Footsteps...

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What Sound Does Your Gun Make, Man?

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Captain America: Civil War Featurette Flaunts a Much Darker Tony Stark

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Team Cap, Team Iron Man, or Team Meowth?

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When Captain America Drinks his Mighty Slushie!

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Poor Hawkeye

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My Safe Word Is Jaffa Cakes

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"I'm Just a Little Depressed; That's All. I Can Get Through This."

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Puns Are What Keep This Nation Free

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