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the fault in our cutie marks twilight sparkle books animated - 8976774400
Created by Unknown


vinyl scratch animated Firefly - 8802006784
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Esuka )

Don't Yell at Applejack Just Because She's a Little Slow

applejack viva las pegasus animated - 8977022464
Created by Stankloid

I Hope It's For Charity Or Something

animated lois lane gif off the page - 7920124928
Via Kerry Callen


applejack e3 animated the simpsons - 8805200384
Created by zaboomafoo2

The Wild Changeling Used Supersonic

animated chrysalis Pokémon thorax to where and back again - 8984948992
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Derpibooru )


snuggles woona princess luna animated - 8969257472
Via The Princesses Gang

Oh My God I Don't Care

twilight sparkle pinkie pie animated - 8822981888
Via Omega Ozone

Party Poppin'

Via Mister Color Grey

Friendly Bug Noises

thorax animated - 8970866432
Created by DESTRUCTIONATOR ( Via Creepy Curse )


apple bloom animated - 8993094400
Created by KiloDel ( Via Adorable MLP )

Dammit, Piccolo

dragonball z animated dragonball - 8981849600
Created by tamaleknight

Music at Night

equestria girls vinyl scratch animated dj PON-3 - 8989380864
Via Tyuubatu

You'll Never Take Her Away

animated anime Bronies gifs rainbow dash the internets - 6370025216
Created by TehCoffee

Pinkie Pie the Traffic Conductor

pinkie pie buckball season animated - 8973760256
Created by Alkhilion

It's Not What You Think

animated Cats rainbow dash - 8964605184
Created by OFC_operator