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Mlem Mlem Mlem

spice up your life pinkie pie animated - 8804645376
Created by Unknown

Psychedelic Pronking Ponk

pinkie pie animated - 8822909696
Via Uncommented


derpy hooves animated muffins sfm - 8965747968

You Are Full of Dumb

twilight sparkle animated rainbow dash - 8807662848
Via Cat and Dog Soup
disney inspired characters

10 Real Life People Who Inspired the Look of Disney Characters We all Know and Love

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the fault in our cutie marks gabby animated - 8975097344
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Derpibooru )

Squishy Face

applejack rarity animated - 8796175616
Created by PumpkinMaker ( Via ヨウホウジョウ )


animated princess celestia waffles - 8772677120
Via Ask Sunshine and Moonbeams

Surprise Dance Party

surprise animated - 8758661632
Via Ask Filly Pinkie Pie and Surprise

Dialga Used Roar of Time!

Green - 88
Via RedPandaMediaGroup

Bad Lyra!

animated lyra heartstrings - 8964612864
Via Witch Taunter

We Are Here to Watch

gauntlet of fire garble twilight sparkle rarity animated princess ember - 8770815232
Created by zaboomafoo2 ( Via Derpibooru )

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

spike gauntlet of fire animated - 8770929408
Created by Sydriosis

My Little Aquarium

MLP animated fish - 8398816000
Via heir-of-rick

How to Keep a Derpy Busy

derpy hooves animated muffins - 8982604800
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Badly Drawn Star )
x men animated superheroes mash up - 83226881

This Animated Logan Trailer Combines the X-Men Cartoons With Johnny Cash

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