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Keep Going! You Can Do It!

top bolt sky stinger animated - 8983415808
By Unknown

Luna is a Silly Old Horse Stupidpost

a hearth's warming tail princess luna animated princess celestia - 8797937664
Via Derpibooru
x men animated superheroes mash up - 83226881

This Animated Logan Trailer Combines the X-Men Cartoons With Johnny Cash

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art animated - 614405

These Doodles Prove That The X-Men Would Make One Cute Disney Movie

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Get Rekt Santa

christmas hearths-warming-eve animated octavia - 8997023488
Via Arif Project

[Adorably Confused]

animated derpy hooves to where and back again - 8986926336
Via Derpibooru


pinkie pie rarity animated - 8805148672
Via Derpibooru

When an internet fight is about to start

spitfire animated - 8992089856
By VisforYoshi (Via Ralek Arts [NSFW])

Sunset Something-Or-Other

animated sunset shimmer - 8990863360
Via Symbian L


the fault in our cutie marks animated petunia paleo - 8975208704
By Unknown

Better Drink That Quick

the fault in our cutie marks gabby twilight sparkle animated - 8975020288
Via Derpibooru

Encore! Encore!

discord flurry heart animated - 8970198272
By OFC_operator

Who Goes There?!

nightmare moon princess luna animated - 8812521216
By PumpkinMaker (Via Rodrigues404)

Who Needs a Cute Ghost Girl Waifu?

animated cute gifs - 7978300416
By Sosuke

Shut up Apple Horse, My Planet Needs Me!

applejack twilight sparkle animated magical mystery cure - 8753565184
By zaboomafoo2 (Via Derpibooru)

Starlight Tries a Pickup Line

animated puns starlight glimmer to where and back again - 8984881664
By VisforYoshi (Via Derpibooru)
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