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Lewd? Well, I Mean...

spike that looks naughty twilight sparkle rarity animated rainbow dash - 8823003136
Created by xamitlu ( Via Out of Context My Little Pony )


animated boop starlight glimmer to where and back again - 8985526272
Via Derpibooru

Shut up Apple Horse, My Planet Needs Me!

applejack twilight sparkle animated magical mystery cure - 8753565184
Created by zaboomafoo2 ( Via Derpibooru )
Pokémon OC half life Team Fortress 2 vinyl scratch animated undertale dj PON-3 How to train your dragon spyro octavia sfm - 83548673

Electric Daisy Violin

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Plan A: Hit It with a Rock

starlight glimmer animated to where and back again - 8984826624
Created by Unknown

[Chewing Fabulously]

spice up your life pinkie pie rarity animated - 8804645120
Created by Unknown

[Hesitant Boop]

boop starlight glimmer princess luna animated - 8989995776
Via Derpibooru

Where the Magic Happens

the great and powerful trixie that looks naughty starlight glimmer animated to where and back again - 8984812800
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Derpibooru )

Boop Fight!

boop pinkie pie animated - 8998093312
Via Surgical Arts

Pssst... You're the -Real- Cutest Pony

Sweetie Belle animated - 8806021888
Via Go Ask Sweetie Belle

Happy Lyra Is Always Happy

lyra heartstrings animated - 8765345792
Created by KiloDel ( Via Kitchiki )

D-Does This Count as a Hug?!

spike gauntlet of fire hugs animated princess ember - 8770384896
Created by OFC_operator

Can We Get a Real Life Version of This Masterpiece Already

Pokémon blastoise animated - 8982473472
Via rewatchingpokemon

Long Ears Are Best Ears

animated pinkie pie - 8964740352
Via fidelissibs
joker DC animated superheroes batman bruce wayne Mark Hamill - 79727873

Watch the First Full Trailer for R-Rated Animated Batman: The Killing Joke

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Mlem Mlem Mlem

spice up your life pinkie pie animated - 8804645376
Created by Unknown