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Who Wants to Play Video Games?!

crossover animated fluttershy adventure time rainbow dash - 9000620544
Via joycall3

Squishy Face

applejack rarity animated - 8796175616
Created by PumpkinMaker ( Via ヨウホウジョウ )

Let's Go Over This One More Time...

applejack applejack-s-day-off twilight sparkle pixel art animated - 8800765952

Best Filly

the fault in our cutie marks animated petunia paleo - 8976774912
Created by Unknown


lightsaber star wars starlight glimmer pixel art animated - 8989639936
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Mega Poneo )


pinkie pie animated - 8988532224
Via Lunar Marshmallow

Not A Reaction Per Se, But Still A Gif

twilight sparkle the saddle row review rarity animated - 8811867136
Created by DUCDLOLZ


pinkie pie rarity animated - 8805148672
Via Derpibooru

Make It Stop

spike twilight sparkle animated - 8760441088
Created by Cody_1091 ( Via Twilight Obsessed )

Derpy Making Some "Improvements" to the Commenting System

derpy hooves animated - 8752820480
Via Argodaemon


animated chrysalis - 8607066368
Created by TinyGreenTape ( Via sampodre [NSFW] )

BRB, Going to MLB

twilight sparkle animated - 8986396416
Via Dai Levy
animated cartoons Video - 62130689

If You Only Watch One Video Today, Make It This Stunning Animated Short

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"Aw, Crap."

spike animated the times they are a changeling crystal ponies - 8994343424
Created by Sydriosis ( Via Derpibooru )

I'm Having a Blast.

animated maud pie - 8970445568
Via dstears

Pinkie Pie the Traffic Conductor

pinkie pie buckball season animated - 8973760256
Created by Alkhilion