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Pears Get Out

apple bloom Memes animated - 8998959104
Via zigorsun

Happy 4th!

applejack animated fourth of july fluttershy - 8814715648
Created by kingbobbito ( Via Fluttershy the Kind )


quibble pants stranger than fan fiction animated rainbow dash - 9000745216
Created by zaboomafoo2 ( Via Derpibooru )

Who Needs Context?

hiatus intensifying animated changelings - 8997148672
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Derpibooru )

BRB, Going to MLB

twilight sparkle animated - 8986396416
Via Dai Levy
DC animated superheroes batman - 82078465

The Batman Cast of the 1960s to Reunite for Animated Adventure

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To Nom Is to Rule

princess luna animated princess celestia noms - 9001925888
Via Gaelle Dragons

Stay Away, You Monsters!

twilight sparkle animated - 8970626304
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via MrFancy24 [NSFW] )

I'm Having a Blast.

animated maud pie - 8970445568
Via dstears

We Are Here to Watch

gauntlet of fire garble twilight sparkle rarity animated princess ember - 8770815232
Created by zaboomafoo2 ( Via Derpibooru )

Does Thinking with Portals Count as Being Productive?

Sweetie Belle animated Portal - 8997022976
Via Derpibooru

Surprise Dance Party

surprise animated - 8758661632
Via Ask Filly Pinkie Pie and Surprise


pinkie pie rarity animated - 8805148672
Via Derpibooru

The Horror!

spike rarity animated fluttershy - 8774035968
Created by TinyGreenTape
Batman v Superman animated batman superman - 70685441

Batman v Superman Teaser Gets Animated Like The 90's Series

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Plan A: Hit It with a Rock

starlight glimmer animated to where and back again - 8984826624
Created by Unknown