she hulk shrek Super-Lols wrong - 6475223808
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emma stone Sexy Ladies Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6475312128
By Unknown

Does it Fly?

fly iron man paint job Super-Lols van - 6469586176
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So Much Rustling

Bucky Super-Lols winter soldier - 6473474304
By Unknown

He's So Cool

loki pun superheroes Super-Lols Thor - 6458983680
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Close Enough

black knight dark knight Super-Lols - 6469712384
By Unknown

Shredder Is Way Better

bane batman Dark Knight Rises shredder Super-Lols - 6471474432
By AmericanFox

He Don't Get Flats

batman Super-Lols - 6439775744
By jdbailey1206.123

He's A Giving Person

deadpool no no tubes Super-Lols - 6441939968
By twisted_trent

Oh Yeah!

kissing Super-Lols wtf - 6461343744
By xyzpdq1

But I Want to Dive NOW!

bane Dark Knight Rises permission superheroes Super-Lols - 6459835648
By nankinj

So Rebellious Bruce

alfred batman Super-Lols - 6457990400
By hachan

Time For Sexy Time

robot Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6438412544
By Unknown

Welcome to the Internet

facebook internet Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6437013760
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gun old school Super-Lols - 6434580736
By xyzpdq1

Or, Broke Bat Mounting?

bane batman Super-Lols - 6435740928
By BotPilgrim