Who Do You Think Will When?

batman Green lantern ironman Super-Lols - 6454598400
Created by dallasgardner

Eh, Close Enough

Dark Knight Rises Movie robin Super-Lols - 6454850304
Created by pwl4life

Even the Mister Freeze Puns

batman mr freeze robin Super-Lols - 6453702400
Created by Darkddmaster

Hell Yeah He Is!

batman DC marvel stan lee Super-Lols wrong - 6453977600
Created by dylanjrex

Please Check Your Phrasing!

super girl Super-Lols - 6444035840
Created by xyzpdq1

Free Them All!

bane batman Dark Knight Rises Super-Lols - 6455234304
Created by Unknown

Thor Loves to Text

phone Super-Lols text Thor - 6454974976
Created by KS_indy

Nobody... Ever

bane justin bieber Super-Lols - 6453552384

Best Kind of Farts

costume Super-Lols superman - 6452520448
Created by meganeguard

It Looks Like Fun!

catwoman fun innuendo Super-Lols - 6436382208
See all captions Created by kenbaker

The Real Wonder Woman

Super-Lols TV wonder woman - 6286045184
Created by xyzpdq1

Keep That Up and He'll Send Bane After You

bane batman robin Super-Lols - 6430760960

Not Bad

Black Widow costume Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6416597504
See all captions Created by JAYJAY01

Dexter's Avengers

avengers Super-Lols - 6418649344
Created by KS_indy

Poor Hawkeye...

avengers hawkeye Super-Lols - 6382624000
Created by eltmatt

There Are French Ants?

ant man Super-Lols titanic - 6401713408
Created by The_Awesome_Me