Bane Wheezer

bane Super-Lols - 6507834880
Created by an__Ursa_Major

Bullet Not Bull

Super-Lols superman - 6491130880
See all captions Created by Outamyhead

Damn You Spider-Man

failed Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6507553792
Created by blackmesascientist

That's a Lot of Sit Ups

batman Super-Lols - 6506999296
Created by pngflaver

Why Does He Need to Thicken the Plot?

Clark Kent Super-Lols superman - 6503129088
Created by Unknown

Xavier's Rage Wisdom

Magneto rage Super-Lols xavier - 6507121152
Created by Unknown

He Just Wants Love

bane hugs love superheroes Super-Lols - 6508108544
Created by PetePete

How Strange

batman bruce wayne Super-Lols - 6494048000
Via Pizza for President

Sweet Idea

green arrow Super-Lols technology - 6496015872
See all captions Created by Abzville

I Hear Slender Is a Fantastic Game

mr-fantastic Super-Lols video game - 6500251648
Created by Unknown

So Happy

batman happy photoshop Super-Lols work - 6499417600
Created by Bruceman

Close Enough

Close Enough loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6500048128
Created by strangelilvampyr

Two Face Knows What's Up

money scrooge mcduck Super-Lols two face - 6499912192
Created by SashkaRus


batman olympics photoshop Super-Lols - 6499412736
Created by Bruceman


batman catwoman genius guns Super-Lols - 6499404800
See all captions Created by Unknown

Martian Man Hunter IS REAL!

Mars Super-Lols - 6487188992
Created by talel81