Not Sure I've Heard That Version

bane batman dark knight Super-Lols - 6499623168
Created by Unknown

I'm Hatin'

haters gonna hate joker Super-Lols - 6499415040
Created by Bruceman

No! Bad Superman!

bad idea kryptonite Super-Lols superman - 6498629888
See all captions Created by MORRIS27

Someone Thinks Batman Is Sexy...

batman sexy times Super-Lols video games - 6496152064
Created by hachan

Scratch It...

itch no no tubes Spider-Man STD Super-Lols - 6495767040
See all captions Created by Unknown

Damn Those Homonyms

bane batman Super-Lols - 6491301888
Created by armanti

I Figured He Just Liked Cloudy Weather

batman dark knight Super-Lols weather - 6481461248
Created by Mission_Possible

Thor's Mega Warning

avengers iron man Super-Lols Thor - 6491756288
Created by Nightcape

Mr. No-Nose

angry baby bane nose Super-Lols - 6490671616
Created by PetePete


bane Super-Lols - 6482661120
Created by Codabah

Classic: Super Scary

classic flash Super-Lols - 6488625920
Created by Unknown

Deadpool's The New Punisher?

deadpool marvel universe punisher Super-Lols - 6485348864
Created by kilenem


batman ras al ghul Super-Lols talia al ghul troll - 6477560320
Created by Rogernator5000

Delicious, Delicious Lemons

delicious man at arms man-at-arms Party Super-Lols - 6480915968
See all captions Created by KeenanLikesTacos

No It Isn't

cars catwoman men mother Super-Lols - 6478405888
Created by PetePete

Bat Storms

batman dark knight Super-Lols - 6478562304
Created by TheEvilDookie