I'd Take That Poor Charmander

ash charmander cute gifs rain Sad tv-movies - 5500888576
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

Can't Even Get With a Pokémon

anime brock comic girls no Pokémon Sad tv-movies - 6214070016
Created by Unknown

Unfortunately, Time Has Not Been Kind

ash hat tv-movies - 6232528640
Created by RoxisTheDark

Troller Ash

anime Koffing pokedex Team Rocket tv-movies - 6333140736


anime cut slowpoke tv-movies yawn - 5505137920
Created by Unknown

Sharpedo's Evolution?

anime fossils gen 1 kabutops sharpedo tv-movies - 5683045120
Created by BonesCollector
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All Those Questions

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Poor Pikachu

anime ash best of week gtfo pikachu punch tv-movies - 5230086400
Created by Unknown

On to the Next Adventure

ash best of week dawn girls piplup Pokémemes Pokémon tv-movies - 6004768000
Created by Unknown


4kids anime brock rice ball terrible translation TV tv-movies - 6146887680
Created by Unknown

Meowth, You Poor, Delusional, Love-starved Bastard

anime Meowth tv-movies - 5277342720
Created by Unknown

Oh, Medicham

anime medicham TV tv-movies - 6411522304
Created by Unknown

Living With Pokémon is Crazy

anime clefairy comic dafuq space tv-movies - 6426037248
Created by alpacamybooks


anime bulbasaur tv-movies - 6491257856
Created by Unknown
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*Lightning Strike*

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Oh, James, How You've Changed

anime gifs james TV tv-movies - 6258414336
Created by Lord_Clure