Familiar Faces

digimon digivolve Pokémon TV tv-movies - 5965634304
Created by toddish

The Banned Anime Episodes

anime banned best of week jynx porygon TV tv-movies - 6437416448

Why Do We Even Have Trainers?

anime charizard comic pidgeot tv-movies you dont say - 5883754240

Mother of Pikachu

anime pikachu pokeball Psyduck tv-movies - 6445550080
Created by AuTaylor


4kids anime brock rice ball terrible translation TV tv-movies - 6146887680
Created by zonte

Can't Tell if Piplup Is Scared or Trying to Scare...

pikachu piplup scary tv-movies - 5394975232

There, There

anime caterpie cute pikachu TV tv-movies - 5873460992
Created by nyan_cat__

MEWing is Art

anime mew Movie trolling tv-movies - 6126980864
Created by TommyGx

Unfortunately, Time Has Not Been Kind

ash hat tv-movies - 6232528640
Created by RoxisTheDark

Professor Troll

anime professor oak troll tv-movies - 6421796096
Created by alpacamybooks

Peter Just Realized

family guy machoke poster realization tv-movies - 5425518080
Created by 7ia

Ghost Type Trolling

anime gengar smile trolling tv-movies - 6263873792
Via Professorburnett

But There Is No Eleven, Oh... Wait

awesome Team Rocket tv-movies - 5368318976

Fear the Shellder of Knowledge

best of week herman cain mewtwo Pokémon pokemon movie shellder of knowledge slowking tv-movies - 5526122496

Bellsprout the Badass

anime Badass Battle bellsprout best of week gifs tv-movies - 5749878016
Created by Dr._Derp

Ancient Poké Balls

anime poke balls tv-movies - 5661640192
Created by Daveit