Nants Oshawott Bagithi Baba

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Created by AlanTheDuck

Ideas for the Anime

meme misty tv-movies - 6490028544

Brock Has EYES!?

anime brock burnt confused eyes tv-movies tv show - 5134668800
Created by livingroomcat

Pika! Pika! Pikachu!

pika pikachu tv-movies - 5168978944
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Maybe I Don't Know What's Going On Here

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Created by Unknown

But Nothing Happened...

anime Pokémon porygon seizures tv-movies - 5721598720
See all captions Created by IAmADerpHead

In a Parallel Universe

anime awesome best of week magikarp pikachu super effective tv-movies - 5678992640
Created by riverrider6000

Blastoise Dad

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Why Friendship Is Important

ash ash is a loser friends tv-movies - 5698986240
Created by Ploopy11

It's Super Effective

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Created by jpjr17

I'd Take That Poor Charmander

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Created by SirKilmoreRyan


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Created by tweedletwit

Shopping Level: Pervert

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Created by Bug Catcher

Oh, Brock

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Emo Ash: Favorite Moves Are Cut and Slash

emo I wanna be the very best tv-movies tv show - 5146159616
See all captions Created by joelitos

Scumbag Spongebob

scumbag shiny SpongeBob SquarePants TV tv-movies - 6295852800