I'm Still Waiting for That Day...

anime ash best of week gifs misty shipping tv-movies - 6027460096
Created by Me-Gusta-69

All 151 Original Pokémon Liked the Clone Fight

1st gen mewtwo Movie tv-movies - 5204596480
Created by shadknasty

He'll Never Be the Very Best

anime ash blissey comic TV tv-movies - 5883854592

Gotta Caption 'Em All

anime Starmie TV tv-movies - 6071020800
Created by AlphabetSoup

Dafuq Did I Just Watch

anime ash no no tubes Psyduck tv-movies - 6488482816

Pichu Accidentally His Face

omg pichu Pokémon tv-movies wtf - 5423640064

Oh, Anime...

anime dark type Psyduck tv-movies zigzagoon - 5526338560

Go Back to Your Trusty Drying Pan

anime brock burn drying pan frying pan misty tv-movies - 6031613184

Haters, You Make Victini Cry

cry gen 5 haters Sad tv-movies victini - 6120170240
Created by Omega74

If Only Ash Still Had His Classic Hat, PokéSistah

ash gifs hat iconic pikachu tv-movies - 5307554816

Ash Doesn't Care About Type Advantages

anime ash keep calm meme tv-movies - 6199651072
Created by Guilherme.didi

Poor Psyduck

anime Photo Psyduck tv-movies - 6044682240

Muk Needs Help Breeding

anime breeding muk professor oak TV tv-movies - 5323241216

Brock: Timeless and Handsome

brock gifs onix tv-movies tv show - 5127010816

Simple: I Wanna Be the Very Best

gifs I wanna be the very best simple Theme Song tv-movies - 5364306432

I Just Throw It, Right?

anime ash catching pokemon meme tv-movies - 5758810880
Created by Lexfa