Dumbledore, Pokémon Master

crossover entei Harry Potter linoone Pokémon serperior tv-movies - 5199691520
By Rurouni4Life

Why Do We Even Have Trainers?

anime charizard comic pidgeot tv-movies you dont say - 5883754240
By Unknown

Better Love Story Than Twilight

anime Butterfree go do sex tv-movies twilight - 5606690816
By Porygon_D

A Wild Mongoose...wait...WHAT?!

confuse ray confused ekans tv-movies - 5130228224
By bhlarg

Scumbag Anime

anime ash fans pikachu tv-movies - 6078968832
By ImNotFunAtParties

How Piplup Bonds With Dawn

anime me gusta piplup tv-movies zorua - 5977523968
By extremethechao

It's Fun to Do Bad Things

Meanwhile officer jenny squirtle tv-movies - 6448178944
By Bergerbeast

It's Very Hard to Tell Sometimes...

anime james jessie Team Rocket tv-movies - 6493101568
By Mario9919

Togekiss Gives No Pokéballs

anime dawn Pokeballs togekiss tv-movies - 6208266240
By Braedo123 (Via frompallettown)

I'll Always Remember

anime ash tv-movies - 5801188352
By Kettenbrief

Seems Legit

anime comic seems legit TV tv-movies - 5617743872
By Unknown

Pikachu Pika

dafuq pika pikachu tv-movies - 5814008576
By Unknown


anime combination fusion tv-movies - 5477433600
By Unknown

That'll Help

ash brock dafuq gifs staryu tv-movies water - 6188549888
By Unknown

Mother of God...

best of week giovanni master ball mewtwo mother of god silph scope Team Rocket tv-movies - 5912380416
By Unknown

Vine Whip My Hair Back and Forth

anime Chikorita meme razor leaf tv-movies vine whip - 6096273408
By PhilLovesPorygonZ
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