Masuda Method Problems

First World Problems meme Memes shiny - 6350540544
By Clucknadus
best of week defensive wall eevee Koffing shiny Video - 24638977

Every Reaction to a Shiny. EVAR.

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Title? Nope! Chuck Testa

comic meme Memes shiny - 5221371136
By LlamaHomefry

Bad Luck Trainer

shiny Memes bad luck brain - 6823569408
By Unknown

The Worst Time to Spot a Shiny

best of week gameplay old man shiny tutorial weedle - 6004622080
By Unknown

Can You Play More?

Good Guy Greg meme Memes save file shiny - 6163508736
By Unknown

That's So Vividly Creative!

meme shiny - 6616094720
By Unknown

Bad Luck Shinies

Pokémon shiny - 8565609984
By DariusKing

I'll Take Any Shiny

community gay pink shiny the internets wobbuffet - 6452784896

She's Going Adventuring With Me

gyarados if you know what i mean shiny - 6605629696
By excaliburn125

And It Has the Nature I Wanted

game meme Memes nature Pokémon shiny success kid - 5350215936
By Lorenton

You Might Have a Problem...

breeding eevee shiny - 6606884352
By Freya

Rarer Than a Shiny

derp drawings Pokémans shiny - 5492538368
By Unknown

Why Do You Torment Me?

aaand-its-gone meme Memes Pokémon safari zone shiny - 6409021440
By IzKitty

Occupy the Tall Grass

best of week charizard Memes Occupy Wall Street Pokémon shinies shiny - 5359515136
By ISimplyWalkIntoMordor

Oh Boy! I Can't Wait to See What I...

shiny reality scizor - 6994922240
By ScizorKick