Everyone But Me

IRL news shiny - 6331194624
By goldenbat

Shiny Ylvetal Looks Sweet!

funny shiny legendary yveltal - 7921032192
By Blackturtle64

Cool Fact About Eevee

shiny eevee sudden clarity clarence - 7061570048
By BioBark

Gen II Problems

oh no shiny Rage Comics - 7026752000
By ChatterOut

Hurry! Use Your Master Ball!

IRL kfc Pokémon shiny - 7905777408
By goodey

Keeping Up the Pace

Pokémon sylveon shiny eevee - 8362639872
By TheGengar

Global Trading Station in a Nutshell

GTS legendary shiny - 6624168960
By GameRat

The Worst Time to Spot a Shiny

best of week gameplay old man shiny tutorial weedle - 6004622080
By Unknown

Shiny Population Increases by 8000

shiny arceus genius - 6710957568
By RobinGMS

I Have a Little Heart Attack Everytime I See One

rage shiny N - 7044200192
By Gussmoon

What Are You Doing? Master Balls Are Priceless!

pickup lines Pokémon master balls shiny - 7530043392
By DemonicWaffle83 (Via Church of the Almighty, the All Powerful, the All Knowing Arceus)

Two Steps Away

electrode master ball rage comic Rage Comics shiny - 6074698496
By named_theorem

Could Have Traded It to Me!!!!!!

Jackie Chan Rage Comics shiny - 5322811392
By Unknown

Title? Nope! Chuck Testa

comic meme Memes shiny - 5221371136
By LlamaHomefry

She Left as Soon as She Appeared

gameplay kirlia shiny teleport - 6605358848

There Should Be a Warning

lost Sad shiny the internets - 6280185600
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