Welcome to the Salty Spitoon

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Created by an__Ursa_Major

We Must Watch Our Kids Play

kids rage comic Rage Comics shiny - 5820073728
Created by Lightzeaka

Everyone Except Me...

anime pidgey shiny tv-movies - 6423221248
Created by alpacamybooks

I've NEVER Seen a Shiny Without the Poké Radar

ash FUUUUU Memes shiny shiny pokemon Y U NO - 5281453568
See all captions Created by turkeys

Hoenn, You Can't Explain That

meme shiny success kid tentacool - 6255505920
Created by Unknown

No One Posted About This Before!

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Created by SonicShadow191


shiny bad luck brian meme - 6731739392
Created by Rudi14

Keeping Up the Pace

Pokémon sylveon shiny eevee - 8362639872
Created by TheGengar

Why Do You Torment Me?

aaand-its-gone meme Memes Pokémon safari zone shiny - 6409021440
Created by IzKitty

Most Do Not Know That Feel, Bro

freddie mercury Memes shiny third gen wingull - 5847467008
Created by MIDA

Rarer Than a Shiny

derp drawings Pokémans shiny - 5492538368

Shiny Ho-Oh?! WIll My Oshawott Do?

GTS Memes shiny - 5479930112
See all captions Created by RalphAndPearl

Scumbag Spongebob

scumbag shiny SpongeBob SquarePants TV tv-movies - 6295852800

I Have a Little Heart Attack Everytime I See One

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Created by Gussmoon

Goodnight Sweet Fish

Sad basculin shiny - 6968209920
Created by Drtygira

Shiny Envy

FUUUUU rage comic Rage Comics shiny - 5434642432