Scumbag Spongebob

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best of week defensive wall eevee Koffing shiny Video - 24638977

Every Reaction to a Shiny. EVAR.

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She's Going Adventuring With Me

gyarados if you know what i mean shiny - 6605629696
Created by excaliburn125

Bad Luck Trainer

shiny Memes bad luck brain - 6823569408
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No One Posted About This Before!

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Created by SonicShadow191

I've NEVER Seen a Shiny Without the Poké Radar

ash FUUUUU Memes shiny shiny pokemon Y U NO - 5281453568
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Everyone But Me

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Created by goldenbat

That's So Vividly Creative!

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Two Steps Away

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Title? Nope! Chuck Testa

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Diglett Wednesday: What a Shiny Diglett

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lyk if u cri everytim

Pokémon shiny - 8361170688
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Cool Fact About Eevee

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Not Sure if I Missed Out

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Shiny Starmie

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Yoshi Even Has Shinies

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Created by tacos4breakfast