The World Most Manliest and Fabulous Mega Ever

shiny mega evolutions mega swampert - 8221939456
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Maybe I'd Finally Have One

shiny max repel Memes cave sudden clarity clarence - 6898264064
Created by Unknown

I Have a Little Heart Attack Everytime I See One

rage shiny N - 7044200192
Created by Gussmoon

Abra Used Teleport

noooo shiny abra teleport - 6878348288
Via Dark-Familiar

The End is Near

magikarp shiny - 7046753536

Shiny Envy

FUUUUU rage comic Rage Comics shiny - 5434642432
Created by Unknown

Shiny Ho-Oh?! WIll My Oshawott Do?

GTS Memes shiny - 5479930112
See all captions Created by RalphAndPearl

Gen II Problems

oh no shiny Rage Comics - 7026752000
Created by ChatterOut

You Might Have a Problem...

breeding eevee shiny - 6606884352
Created by Freya

Dedication Be Damned

bidoof shiny - 6582768128
Created by MetalShard

Cool Fact About Eevee

shiny eevee sudden clarity clarence - 7061570048
Created by BioBark

Level Grinding Problems

First World Problems pokemon problems shiny - 6677843712
Created by Clucknadus

There Should Be a Warning

lost Sad shiny the internets - 6280185600
See all captions Created by mudkichu

Occupy the Tall Grass

best of week charizard Memes Occupy Wall Street Pokémon shinies shiny - 5359515136
Created by ISimplyWalkIntoMordor

Can't Catch That!

gameplay Pokémon poochyena shiny - 5724267008
Created by SoikerNahmu
best of week defensive wall eevee Koffing shiny Video - 24638977

Every Reaction to a Shiny. EVAR.

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