The Ash Paradox

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Created by Daniruu ( Via daniruuechidna.deviantart.com )

The Date WAS Going Great...

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Dinosaur Was Here, Ash is a Loser

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Created by Unknown

This Would Make a Better Anime

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Created by Unknown

And Ash Will Never Take It Out

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Created by Unknown

Bill Logic

anime ash bill comic - 6470029824
Created by Unknown

Ash Is a Stand User

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Created by tamaleknight

Attack on Pokémon

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Created by Mistform


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Created by LJPhil

Pokémon Evolutions

ash evolution Evolve impossibru rage comic - 6056695808
Created by eelan92

Reverse Friendzoning

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Created by Unknown

Hugging? NOPE...

ash anime hugs serena - 8115217920
Created by Unknown

What Are You Worrying About Anyway?...

ash Pokémon anime serena - 8127425024
Created by Gabo2oo

Dear Game Freak

anime ash Game Freak misty the feels tv-movies - 6210080256
Created by Unknown

Grumpy Pikachu

ash cat pikachu grumpy - 6717252608
Created by Unknown

Serena is a Bit Possessive

ash anime Pokémon serena - 8163562752
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