It's a Trap!

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Give Ash a Break, Guys

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Created by AdminSilver ( Via Facebook )

Drink Up! And Then We'll Battle!

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Ash's Battle Logic...

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The Hat Makes the Trainer

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Ash Has the Weirdest Boner Right Now

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I Just Throw It, Right?

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Created by Lexfa

Different Types of Pokémon Masters

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Get Togepi to Use 'Charm,' Gary

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See all captions Created by powerman14

How the Tables Have Turned

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Via WhichOneIsPink

Which One Do You Prefer?

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Created by nyan_cat__

Bad Trainer Ash

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Created by MIKEkcorb

Ash Used Strength

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You Have to Go to a New Region and Level Again

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Right Here, Folks

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Created by Ploopy11