Ash Carries Around an Everstone

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Created by chutzell ( Via Lazy Turtle )

Really, Ash?

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Created by Buizel0708

I've NEVER Seen a Shiny Without the Poké Radar

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I Want to Be the Very Best, Just to Spite Them All

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See all captions Created by TRAPDOORJO
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It Looks Like Ash Won't Actually Reunite With His Butterfree

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Don't Catch Any of Them

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Created by CountJinto

Good Guy Ash

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That'll Help

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Alakazam Might Have Helped

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Different Types of Pokémon Masters

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If Only it Were That Easy

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I Must Not Fap

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Every Guy's Dream

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Butterfree is Coming Back!

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Didn't Notice if I Saved Again, Save a Third Time

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Chemical Dependency, I Choose You!

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