Ash Doesn't Care About Type Advantages

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Created by Guilherme.didi

Why I Don't Watch the Show Anymore

ash gary meme Memes - 5646213376
Created by Megamean09

C'mon Ash, Get With the Program

ash Planking summer - 7656295936
Created by brewinbrew ( Via PokemonLogic )
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Ash Uses His HAX Skills

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Make the First Move

ash gary - 4886767616
See all captions Created by sebman101

I'm Not Familiar With This 'Mouse' Creature...

ash IRL pikachu pokedex - 4880497920
See all captions Created by why_u_no_has_cheezburger

The Hat Makes the Trainer

ash anime hat - 7544950784
Created by Unknown

Did He Just Summon 3 Pokémon in One Turn?

ash Yu-Gi-Oh! gifs Yu-Gi-Oh! - 7765923840
Created by Gebirges

Prepare to Die

ash anime drinking game pikachu game over - 6828838912
Created by khdtx13

Does This Look Like the Face of Mercy?

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Via Opticine

Ash, I Don't Even Know What to Say

ash anime derp - 7767236096
Created by Unknown

People on Tumblr Be Like

ash Pokémon tumblr - 8237523968
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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Created by permaboner

Why Ash Can't Simply Walk Into Mordor

ash best of week meme Memes snorlax - 5624071168
Created by WalkerAllen1

What an Ashhole!

anime ash meme Memes pidgeot - 5242186240
See all captions Created by Leonfuck

If Ash Had a Legendary

ash comics legendaries - 7796296192
Created by badgrahics ( Via Bad Graphics )
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