Pokémon anime villains - 70824193


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I Used to Get Headaches

anime golduck meme Psyduck tv-movies - 5747398144

Maybe Ash Is the Very Best

anime ash badges gifs tv-movies - 5521813760

Overly Manly Sawk!

gifs sawk anime - 7716270592
Created by DineshThePoet
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New Info From Pokémon X&Y Animé!

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No Wonder Bulbasaur is the Least Liked Gen 1 Starter

Pokémon anime gen 1 bulbasaur - 8265374208
Via jinkiiie

We All Relate to This

Pokémon the internets anime - 7824820224

The Low Kick

lopunny gifs anime sableye - 8413479424
Created by Luchabro
anime ash best of week brock Pokémon Video - 26135553

I Think You Can Help Me *Wink* * Wink*

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Manly Tears Were Shed

anime dratini manly tears TV tv-movies - 6485646848
Created by pighorn7

Gotta Caption 'Em All

anime Starmie TV tv-movies - 6071020800
Created by AlphabetSoup
lt surge anime - 70532865

Secret Origins of LT Surge

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The One Moment We All Hated Ash

ash try not to cry anime pikachu - 7895936256
Created by fordps3

But It's Been 10 Years

anime - 8510096128
Created by Luchabro

Let Brock Get a Girlfriend for Once

anime brock meme Memes misty pushing patrick - 6489985280
Created by SparkleDile

You Haet Fifth Gen?

anime fifth gen genwunners tv-movies - 6104217088