Every Time You Try Battle Spot

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Created by Unknown

An Everlasting Bond

ash charizard anime mega evolution - 7778349568
Created by Magic0loc0

Safe for Kids, Right?

anime brock gifs gun tv-movies - 6542917888
Created by austinb963

So Helpful

anime pikachu staryu - 6603710976
Created by Chris ( Via fyeahsupereffective )

Look What I Can Do!

Pokémon anime - 7341922816
Created by NewNoise3672 ( Via Sleepy Cyndaquil )

Hipster Pokédex

anime hipster meme pokedex tv-movies - 6491743744
Created by Unknown

Brock is the Original Gangsta

brock Pokémon anime - 7586731264
Created by Unknown

Ash's Battle Logic...

anime ash Battle logic tv-movies - 6478928384
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Diglett Wednesday: Sitting on a Chair?

anime dawn diglett diglett wednesday tv-movies wtf - 6061319936
Created by Unknown

It's Too Cute!

anime cute gifs skitty tv-movies - 6435199488
Created by Lord_Clure

Disregard Regular Butterfree, Acquire Pink Butterfree

anime ash Butterfree doesnt matter had sex Pokémon tv-movies - 5406354432
Created by LiquidFury

Easier Than Using a Pokeball

anime minccino TV tv-movies - 6356090624
Created by Unknown

The One Thing That Doesn't Make Sense in Pokémon Origins

pokemon origins Pokémon anime pokemon logic - 7846237184
Created by Unknown

And So I Sent Them to Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova

Team Rocket giovanni anime pikachu - 7353942016
Created by Unknown

Hey, Just Because His Name is Oak

pokemon memes make like a tree and leaf

Subtle Easter Egg in Pokémon Movie 14

Pokémon anime easter eggs france - 7601132288
Created by DineshThePoet