History of Ash's Crossdressing

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The Last Pokébender

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What If...

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PokéDeliverance: Now Bounce, Boy!

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I'll Always Remember

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That's Why You'll Never Win the League, Ash

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Created by heisei24

Onixly, This is Ridiculous

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How Most People React When They See Twitch Plays Pokémon Posts

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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

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Created by LJPhil
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Special DigiMonday: The Pokémon Series is Taking a New Course

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No Explanation Needed

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Created by The_Krookodile

Pokémon Logic

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Created by James Martino & Anthony Artusa.

And Then it Evolves Once Ash Becomes its Trainer...

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Tumblr clevernes calculation Ash Ketchum's strength

Clever Tumblr User Calculates The Exact Metric Of Ash Ketchum's Mind-Boggling Strength

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Classic Ash

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