Squirtle Eats His Troubles Away

Sad gifs anime squirtle funny - 7471246848
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I Destroy Everything I Love

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Geodude Has (More Than) Fainted

Sad Pokémon Fan Art geodude - 8013857536
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Nobody Ever Uses Me...

Sad forever alone unown - 6717488640

Fishing is Not Fun

art fishing magikarp Sad - 6297180416


pokemon cards Sad fml IRL - 6700582144
Created by melissaki245

Dragonite Never Forgot

Sad Pokémon anime dragonite funny - 7476027136
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Not Even One Shiny Pokémon After All These Years...

Sad Pokémon shinies - 7391590400
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Weedle's Dreams

cute manly tears pidgey Sad the internets weedle - 6015479552
Created by Miraka

Fight for What You Believe In

evil mew mewtwo Sad - 6570055168

Why Does it Have to Be This Way?

adventure anime art ash brock dawn Sad the internets - 6120937472

Not Surprised She Isn't Getting Better

gameplay Sad video games - 6371147008
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TFW You Learn You Are in a Nuzlocke Run

Sad Pokémon treecko nuzlocke - 8272759808
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You Won't Like Me When I'm Crying

cubone Pokémemes Sad Team Rocket the internets - 6250342400

Pokémon Titanic

Sad titanic Pokémon anime xatu natu - 7138733568
Created by JovenMistress

It Must Have Seen the New Pokémon

azurill Sad - 6576404224