It's Almost That Time Again

pokemon memes my valentine dead
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Pokémon Problems

best of week gen 1 Memes pokemon problems Sad - 5779171840

Please Help Pikachu

Sad design pikachu - 6974633728
Created by Kamiu49

Poor Delibird...

Sad useless evolution delibird - 6785103360
Created by Chockaramel

Surfing Forever

fly lapras Pokémon surf Sad - 8325322240
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pokemon cards Sad fml IRL - 6700582144
Created by melissaki245

After All the Excitement About Riding Gogoat

Sad Pokémon lapras gogoat funny - 7466226688
Created by Allshields

Smogon and its Captives

smogon Sad mega blaziken aegislash - 8330338048
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This Will Make Your Tears Flow at Impressive Speeds

Pokémon tears Sad - 7949920256
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Sad Pokémon web comics - 8055946752
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N Stands for Nuzlocke

Memes N nickname nuzlocke Pokémon Sad - 5853069568
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Classic: One of the Best Pikachu Gifs Ever Made

anime Pokémon Sad pikachu - 8169068800
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Squirtle Eats His Troubles Away

Sad gifs anime squirtle funny - 7471246848
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It's Always Been Our Dream

awesome gifs lyrics Pokémemes pokemon theme reality Sad the internets - 6146137600
Created by The.Scientist

PokéFeel White 2

spoilers feels gameplay N Sad - 6698256384
Created by Clucknadus

We Should Care About Inanimate Pokémon

art cute litwick Sad vanillite - 6167521280
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