A Fan's Story of a Lost Partner...

Sad Pokémon dogs - 6718248704
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Lost in an Infinite Abyss of Sadness Too Often These Days...

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Story of My Life

Sad magikarp gifs summer - 8284829184
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Sad charizard dragons - 8582917120
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For All You Forgotten Singles

Sad Pokémon bulbasaur Valentines day - 8447118592
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Omanyte is Forever Alone

crying forever alone Pokémon Sad - 6404026368
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Pokémon Titanic

Sad titanic Pokémon anime xatu natu - 7138733568
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Something Odd is Happening Here

Sad Pokémon gameplay tears - 7166881792
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This is a Cruel Joke

bibarel HM slave Sad - 6691645952
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Everyone Leaves Me

confusion dark cave eyes repel Sad zubat - 6563503616
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Be Careful When Entering the Friend Zone

Sad balls gameplay friend zone - 7130004992
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Pokémon Coloring Sheets...

ash Sad toys-games - 6214010368
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The Eevee is a Lie

Sad eevee dead dolan - 6754281472
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Poor Charmander

Sad charmander ice bucket challenge - 8294108416
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The Saddest Realization

meme Memes pikachu reality Sad - 6224554496
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Diglett Wednesday: Like a Turtle on Its Back?

diglett diglett wednesday Memes Sad turtle - 5229927424
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