Ash Carries Around an Everstone

Sad ash Pokémon everstone web comics - 8101308416
By chutzell (Via Lazy Turtle)

Bye Bye Butterfree... Go Do Sex

anime awesome best of week Butterfree comic gifs go do sex Sad tv-movies - 5351822848
By Unknown

Oh the Irony...

Sad Pokémon - 8117780224

There Should Be a Warning

lost Sad shiny the internets - 6280185600
See all captions By mudkichu

I Need to Drift Home

Balloons drifloon Memes Sad - 5684416000
By Glane

Just Bidoof

Sad forever alone Memes bidoof - 7023050752
By Unknown

I Was So Stupid Back Then

nurse joy pokerus rage comic Rage Comics rare Sad - 6394008064
By Unknown

Classic: One of the Best Pikachu Gifs Ever Made

anime Pokémon Sad pikachu - 8169068800
By YakuzaDuragon

Nobody Ever Uses Me...

Sad forever alone unown - 6717488640
By Unknown

Not Surprised She Isn't Getting Better

gameplay Sad video games - 6371147008
By Potato9

Not Allowed

Sad gen VI remakes the simpsons - 6961639680
Via Hildergan

Cubone Needs Some Love Today

Sad cubone mothers day - 8490912768
By Mdbruin (Via Mdbruin)

Fight for What You Believe In

evil mew mewtwo Sad - 6570055168
By Unknown

The Adventures of Slowpoke - Visiting Grandpa

Sad Fan Art slowpoke - 8590669568
Via mdbruinart

Pokémon Gamer Problems

events First World Problems gamestop meme Sad - 6554425344
By Unknown

Poor Delibird...

Sad useless evolution delibird - 6785103360
By Chockaramel
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