Wasted So Much Time

ditto EVs meme Sad - 6628090880
Created by Swagsire

Good Clean Fun

best of week comic Death golem Sad - 6346920704
Created by The0th3rGuy

Nuzlocke Challenge Woes

Sad Memes Nuzlocke Challenge - 6991965184
Created by Unknown

Poor Venusaur...

Pokémon Sad venusaur - 8428395264
Via LupusLaganum

Ash Logic

anime ash mewtwo Movie Sad tv-movies - 6124947968
Created by Unknown

This Will Make Your Tears Flow at Impressive Speeds

Pokémon tears Sad - 7949920256
Via theveryworstthing

"Who Are You? Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?"

professor oak Pokémon Sad web comics - 8306865152
Via theghost2

Keep Telling Yourself That

forever alone gameplay Sad - 6416739584
Created by Unknown

Every Child's Real Desire?

Sad oh no Pokémon yamask gameplay - 7432267008
Created by Dr.What

Welp, He's Not the Only One Anymore...

Sad xatu xerneas - 6967983872
Created by Salamence13

We Should Care About Inanimate Pokémon

art cute litwick Sad vanillite - 6167521280
Created by misterdarvus ( Via Pixiv )

The Adventures of Slowpoke - Visiting Grandpa

Sad Fan Art slowpoke - 8590669568
Via mdbruinart

Diglett Wednesday: Like a Turtle on Its Back?

diglett diglett wednesday Memes Sad turtle - 5229927424
Via gottacatchemall.tumblr.com

Fight for What You Believe In

evil mew mewtwo Sad - 6570055168
Created by Unknown

Putin Did the Absolute Worst Thing to a Pokémon Trainer

Sad kids IRL save file - 7048344320
Created by OutrageousKoala

Boys Are Like Pokémon

Pokémemes Pokémon relationships Sad the internets - 6049484800
Created by Unknown
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