This Pokémon Tombstone Will Fill You With Feels

Sad Pokémon feels kids - 7836419584
Via at7addak

Every Child's Real Desire?

Sad oh no Pokémon yamask gameplay - 7432267008
Created by Dr.What

Goodnight Sweet Fish

Sad basculin shiny - 6968209920
Created by Unknown

The Eevee is a Lie

Sad eevee dead dolan - 6754281472
Created by Alkasel

Why You Do Dis to Me? :(

Sad Pokémon cubone feels marowak - 8447118848
Via youshantpass

Pokémon Coloring Sheets...

ash Sad toys-games - 6214010368
Created by Jeahnoh

Friends Forever

Sad Pokémon Fan Art feels pikachu - 8043143680
Via Aintza-K

Too Sad; Can't Stop Crying

crying Death fainted lavender town rival Sad tldr - 4872116992
Created by Unknown

Boys Are Like Pokémon

Pokémemes Pokémon relationships Sad the internets - 6049484800
Created by Unknown

Absolutely Devastating

Pokémon Sad web comics - 8339076096
Via Pain Train Comic

Not Even One Shiny Pokémon After All These Years...

Sad Pokémon shinies - 7391590400
Created by NewNoise3672 ( Via Sleepy Cyndaquil )

Poor Wobbuffet

Sad Pokémon wobbuffet - 8397125888
Via The Hand on Your Shoulder

Not Enough PP

harden metapod Pokémemes Sad the internets - 6499699968
Created by PetePete

Long Day in the Office, but You Just Ben & Jerry's About It

Via willfosho

Evolution Sucks

evolution Sad - 6570286848
Created by LyseljusLeps

He's Just Not That Into You, Mom...

Sad forever alone gameplay - 7052305408
Created by PhilLovesPorygonZ
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