Poor Gold...

comic gold pokemon master Sad - 6578603264
Created by Flakey

It's Super Effective!

Sad Pokémon ice nooooo - 8147064064
Created by Stankloid ( Via Awkward Zombie )

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

anime dead rhyhorn Sad water - 6624957184

Poor Ginga

Sad beyblade - 8125948416
Via cutieangel999

And Then the Battery Dies

pokemon yellow Sad emotional nostalgia - 6659744256
Via AnAnonymousContribut

This is the Way to Make a Wish Come True

Sad Pokémon comics - 7008191232
Created by Not_Important_At_All

Pokémon Problems

best of week gen 1 Memes pokemon problems Sad - 5779171840

Why, Pikachu, Why!?

cubone Sad pikachu wtf - 8268734208
Via pokemaster1226

Poor Pikachu

pikachu Sad scary IRL - 6654869760
Created by jtcaseley1

I Got One Shot at This

gameplay legendary Sad save - 6354731776

Talking to a Non Pokénerd

Sad the internets - 6391041280

An Everlasting Friendship

evolution Fan Art Pokémon Sad - 8173143040
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Please Help Pikachu

Sad design pikachu - 6974633728
Created by Kamiu49

Recognize Missingno.

glitch Memes missingno Sad - 6095892736

Every Child's Real Desire?

Sad oh no Pokémon yamask gameplay - 7432267008
Created by Dr.What

Re-Framed: Fap Aborted

fap gardevoir gross dudes on the interw Rule 34 Sad - 6577757184
Created by Composer
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