PETA, Destroying Childhoods One Psychotic Flash Game at a Time

peta Pokémon anime Sad idiots - 6659303936
Created by DEXTERincarnate ( Via TheChildhoodImprover )

It Must Have Seen the New Pokémon

azurill Sad - 6576404224

Classic: Chansey Has it Tough

anime gifs Pokémon Sad - 8326657280
Created by Derp-a-derp

The Sadness Is Profound...

Via flaming__charmander

I'm Fine...

Sad feels pikachu - 8463512320
Via itsjayrad

Garbodor's Feels

Sad feels garbodor comics - 7795715072
Via phychoticsilence

I'll Always Remember Chu

art best of week goodbye pikachu Sad - 5672171008

You Won't Cry, They Said

Sad Pokémon Movie the feels - 6861953280
Created by Chafuter

It's Super Depressing!

cut Sad emo - 6629369344
Via pinsir

Going Back to Play Old Games...

Sad misty Memes super effective - 7039471360

Forever a Starter

bulbasaur charmander cry Sad squirtle starter the internets - 6247841792
Created by Apologies to Ky-nim

Together Forever

Sad Pokémon anime comics friends family - 6975367936

It's a Dark Time for Spinda

Sad forever alone spinda yancham funny - 7453178624

Forever Unadopted

bidoof comic forever alone Okay pikachu Sad - 5209667328
Via FYeahPika

Smogon and its Captives

smogon Sad mega blaziken aegislash - 8330338048
Via escroto-esquizofrenico

Not Surprised She Isn't Getting Better

gameplay Sad video games - 6371147008
Created by Potato9
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