Please Help Pikachu

Sad design pikachu - 6974633728
Created by Kamiu49

Welp, He's Not the Only One Anymore...

Sad xatu xerneas - 6967983872
Created by Salamence13

Keep Telling Yourself That

forever alone gameplay Sad - 6416739584
Created by Unknown

Smogon and its Captives

smogon Sad mega blaziken aegislash - 8330338048
Via escroto-esquizofrenico

Cause Wynaut?

gameplay Sad wynaut - 8258910464
Created by Guilherme.didi

Poor Wobbuffet

Sad Pokémon wobbuffet - 8397125888
Via The Hand on Your Shoulder

I'll Always Remember Chu

art best of week goodbye pikachu Sad - 5672171008
Created by Unknown

TFW You Learn You Are in a Nuzlocke Run

Sad Pokémon treecko nuzlocke - 8272759808
Via adrian-bvb

The Luck of the Irish

Sad europe - 7707732224
Created by Unknown

The Biggest Mistake Arceus Has Ever Made

Sad giratina arceus - 8487961088
Created by DemonicWaffle83 ( Via ChurchOfArceusTheAlmightyPokeGod )

Poor Pikachu

Sad Pokémon gifs anime pikachu food feels - 7173581056
Created by Unknown

I Tear Up Just Posting This

anime Sad tears TV - 6558018304
Created by Mewtron

Pikachu's Face Says It All...WTF

Sad Pokémon pikachu - 8979744256
Created by pokemonrapmusic

Too Sad; Can't Stop Crying

crying Death fainted lavender town rival Sad tldr - 4872116992
Created by Unknown

Classic: Chansey Has it Tough

anime gifs Pokémon Sad - 8326657280
Created by Derp-a-derp

I Want to See the Kids, Damn It!

anime ash Butterfree Sad the feels tv-movies - 6199988480
Created by David_the_Bored