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Trolling the Wonder Trade

Pokémon trolling wonder trade - 7863534592
Created by wolvenlied

Trolling AZ

Pokémon art trolling AZ - 7879583744
Created by Unknown

Trolling the GTS

GTS trolling digimon - 7857801728
Created by Unknown

What Would You Do If You Ran Into a Titan?

trolling anime attack on titan - 7856116480
Created by Unknown

Classic: Problem Charizard?

gifs charizard trolling - 7780520960
Created by TheGengar ( Via kirbyonfire )

He's Kind of Our Most Important Hero

trolling anime cartoons - 7821743872
Created by Unknown

Why Are You Hitting Yourself?

trolling off the page Spider-Man - 7822932480
Created by Unknown
the matrix star wars trolling - 54810369

This Troll's a Jedi

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trolling Star Trek pranks Video - 54636289

It Breaks My Heart That This Teleportation Device is Just an Illusion

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trolling videos trolltube Street fighter fail nation - 54356737

Blanka is the Best Troll Ever

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Pokémon trolling videos pranks trolltube - 52985345

Watch This Guy Mess With People by Playing Pokémon on Max Volume in a Library

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Pokémon trolling videos - 52886273


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Discord is Pleased

chaos discord trolling m&ms skittles - 7566817792
Created by Ravengore

The Art of Trolling

rage Bronies trolling - 5262205696
Created by fox1311


Bronies trolling twilight sparkle pinkie pie haters - 7530594560
Created by reachreach

Trolling Pokémon on Facebook

Pokémon trolling facebook funny - 7456169728
Created by Unknown