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Take That!

awesome IRL non-brony prank trolling - 6106630144
By harbingerofapathy
trolling pranks video games - 82683905

Kid Magnificently Trolls His Dad With Pip Boy App For One Hilarious Fallout 4 Prank

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Bat-Troll Is Hard at Work

batman joker Super-Lols trolling - 5496072960
By deshington

Silly Non-Brony

adorable best of week Bronies meme trolling - 5913097216
By Unknown

Trump in the Afterlife Be Like...

Via lonniemillsap

Discord is Pleased

chaos discord trolling m&ms skittles - 7566817792
By Ravengore

Trolling: HGSS Edition

houndoom mewtwo trolling - 6607718656
By Blue

Chicks Like a Man With Balls

trolling dragonball z goku - 8772666880
By Mamalugia

What Would You Do If You Ran Into a Titan?

trolling anime attack on titan - 7856116480
By Unknown

Nope! Wasn't Me!

trolling pinkie pie funny - 7440577536
By Discord666

Watch Out Guys, We've Got a Doctor Over Here

bbc dalek doctor who fandom It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz scifi trolling It Came From the - 6263938048
By Unknown
troll master teaches how to troll facebook friends like pro

How to Troll Your Friends on Facebook

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Pokémon pokemon go trolling Video - 81497089

This Guy Just Blew Our Minds with His Ingenious Poké Ball Hack for Pokémon GO

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My Favorite Doctor Who Quote

misquotes trolling - 7999289344
By stupidwizard

When You Just Started up with Pokémon GO, but You're Not Sure If You're Doing It Right

Via ReallyBadCafe

Trolling the Shadowbolts

comic comics rainbow dash shadowbolts trolling - 5269490944
By EierKoekNL