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Deadpool Just Invaded a Ton of Other Movies' iTunes Ads

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How I Troll My Brony Hating Friends

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By headinabagBrony
ash best of week christians rocket trolling Video - 30417921

They Didn't Care... And They Mugged Me

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Not a Unicorn So Must Be Stupid

meme not sure trolling twilight sparkle unicorn - 5629483264
By DeathByCupcakes

My Favorite Character is Tom Clancy! He's Been in a Ton of Games!

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By Unknown

A Brony Shows You How to Really Piss Us Off

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By TomSFox (Via loldwell)

Captain America Asks, 'Are You Sure You Made the Right Choice?..'

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Ah, Wade Wilson's Back At It Again

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Your Local Poké Mart Just Got Some in Stock

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How Zelda responds when caught cheating on you...

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By Travis_Touchdown (Via Naga-Asura)

The New Dragon Ball Looks Great!

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By maorows
star wars trolling Video - 76431873

Mindy Kaling Has Perfected the Art of Trolling Star Wars Fans by Pretending Not to Have Seen It

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How to Draw Your Very Own Pokémon!

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My Favorite Pokemon Quote

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By RegularParagon (Via sirleothelion)
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Pinkie Pie's Brain Teasers

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