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transformers Street fighter - 84007681

Don't Underestimate Your Opponent

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Ice-timus Prime

carving ice nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture transformers - 7994537984
Via Antti Pedrozo
stop motion transformers Video - 62258689

This Stop-Motion Fan Video is Better Than the Latest Transformers Movie

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Prime Be Ballin'

transformers gifs cartoons - 8395834368
Created by tamaleknight

It's Not Hammer Time

transformers cartoons - 7619839488
Created by Grimwing

No No No and No

transformers trolling anime one punch man Dragon Ball Z - 8603611136
Created by tamaleknight

Who you gonna call? Robots in Disguise.

transformers off the page - 7102738688
Created by Spenemy

To Infinity and Rollout

transformers toy story cartoons - 7869376000
Created by matthew.lintschinger
transformers awesome superheroes funny - 51386113

Superhero Fun & Shoots

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New Angry Birds Transformers Coming to a Mobile Device Near You

transformers angry birds Video Game Coverage - 8224404736
Via Rovio

Ultra Magnus and Prowl Don't See Optic to Optic

transformers cartoons - 8508866816
Created by tamaleknight

Transformers, USB Out!

computer It Came From the Interwebz transformers USB - 5744546560
Created by deadmeat1492

When Mechs are Real

transformers - 8580107776
Created by arnons

Prowl Peruses

transformers Fan Art cartoons - 8478336768
Created by tamaleknight

Awesome Awesomeness

batman DC superman transformers wonder woman - 6562832896
Created by O_L_D ( Via Robot6 Comicbook Resources )

Knock Out Stays Busy During His Off Time

transformers movies cartoons - 7579585792
Created by pixarpal95