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You Should Know Better, Twilight

transformers twilight sparkle - 7847722240
Created by pixarpal95

Requesting Permission to Squish

transformers - 8577311488
Created by tamaleknight

Anticlimactic Logo

comic comics hub logo meme transformers TV - 5860446720
Created by elohssakrej
transformers optimus prime Video - 43415041

Optimus Prime Animation With Knex

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You're Dead Either Way

transformers Pokémon - 7942831872
Created by Sephiroth1993

The Internet

transformers the hub the internets Hasbro - 6817709312
Created by xFluing

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Cosmos

transformers Fan Art Neil deGrasse Tyson - 8557184000
Created by tamaleknight ( Via machsabre )

Who you gonna call? Robots in Disguise.

transformers off the page - 7102738688
Created by Spenemy

To Infinity and Rollout

transformers toy story cartoons - 7869376000
Created by matthew.lintschinger

It's Time to Transform

transformers dalek tardis - 8316569600
Created by silentjay12345

Green Lantern Optimus Prime

Awesome Art Green lantern optimus prime transformers - 5770002688
Created by Signinja ( Via )

Bumblebee Needs a Few Things From the Grocery

cosplay cute transformers - 5393732352
Created by ash ( Via )

Ultra Magnus and Prowl Don't See Optic to Optic

transformers cartoons - 8508866816
Created by tamaleknight

New Angry Birds Transformers Coming to a Mobile Device Near You

transformers angry birds Video Game Coverage - 8224404736
Via Rovio

The Number of These Knockoffs...

transformers planet - 6871039744
Created by yoshi95

Tardis Transformer

transformers tardis - 8433525504
Via the-doctor786