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Year of the Everything, Apparently

godzilla transformers - 7993560832
Created by 12bulkhead

Robots in Disguise

Hasbro transformers twilight sparkle rainbow dash - 7943489024
Created by v1saCard

You're Dead Either Way

transformers Pokémon - 7942831872
Created by Sephiroth1993

Optimus Had a Little Too Much DEF Last Night

transformers go home you're drunk - 7888365824
Created by -Ness-

To Infinity and Rollout

transformers toy story cartoons - 7869376000
Created by matthew.lintschinger

You Should Know Better, Twilight

transformers twilight sparkle - 7847722240
Created by pixarpal95

Typical Wheeljack

transformers cartoons - 7859919104
Created by megaman10 ( Via darklordzafiel )

Wanna Make Somethin' Of It?

transformers MLP comic book - 7862597376
Created by maorows
transformers Music cartoons Video - 54764545

Do These Guys Have 'the Touch' or What?

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My Bad, That One's on Me

transformers FAIL movies - 7780899584
Created by pixarpal95

Feast Your Eyes on This 1/2 Scale Transformer

transformers gifs cars robots - 7731080704
Via Youtube

Aw Come on, Seriously?

transformers gifs cartoons - 7724482304
Created by Unknown

WARNING: Contains Major SPOILERS for TF:Prime Viewers

transformers cartoons voice actors - 7707186688
Created by pixarpal95

It's Not Hammer Time

transformers cartoons - 7619839488
Created by Grimwing
transformers awesome superheroes funny - 51386113

Superhero Fun & Shoots

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Knock Out Stays Busy During His Off Time

transformers movies cartoons - 7579585792
Created by pixarpal95