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Requesting Permission to Squish

transformers - 8577311488
Created by tamaleknight

Assault Dashie

transformers rainbow dash - 8237929472
Created by maorows

Optimus Had a Little Too Much DEF Last Night

transformers go home you're drunk - 7888365824
Created by -Ness-


transformers cartoons - 8474392064
Created by tamaleknight

A New Movie From Michael Kyubey

Puella Magi Madoka Magica transformers Fan Art kyubey - 8541732608
Created by tamaleknight ( Via sazienas )

Hey, Soundwave, Whatcha Thinkin' 'Bout?

transformers anime Fan Art - 8405908992
Created by tamaleknight

Hasbro's Best: Vinyl Jazz

transformers jazz MLP vinyl scratch Hasbro - 8289314816
Created by Squidkid915

More Than Meets The Eye

transformers cosplay - 8261272064
Via DarkestH0ur17 on Twitter

Drop the Op

transformers - 8573393920
Created by tamaleknight

Rainbow Dash Transform

transformers rainbow dash - 8244505344
Created by maorows

I Knew it, He So Looks Like Optimus Prime

optimus prime Spider-Man Super-Lols transformers - 5323318784
See all captions Created by Knopfli

I Finally Have a Reason to See Transformers: Age of Extinction

cameo transformers rainbow dash twitter - 8237635584
Created by DeathByCupcakes ( Via The Brony Network )

Baby Godfather Hates Transformers

McDonald's meme toys transformers - 5985164544
Created by Pallydan

Robots in Disguise

Hasbro transformers twilight sparkle rainbow dash - 7943489024
Created by v1saCard

Second to None

transformers cosplay movies cartoons - 7069655296
Via Nogu

Bumblebee Needs a Few Things From the Grocery

cosplay cute transformers - 5393732352
Created by ash ( Via )