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The Hobbit

Peter Jackson Renames "The Hobbit" Part 3

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Via Art by Lucas Graciano

More Than a Hobbit for Shire

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They're Our Secret Weapon

Lord of the Rings legolas The Hobbit - 7803834880
Created by PVSchick

Thorin Dreamyshield

Fan Art The Hobbit - 8063071744
Via threshthesky

They Can't All be Hairy!

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Wear a Little Piece of Bag End

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Dafuq is That?

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Gandalf the Suede

Lord of the Rings Fan Art gandalf The Hobbit - 7022530048
Via nimporteouvousallez

Condescending Thorin Thinks Little of Your Day

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit - 7151565312
Created by winkie_vozagog
The Hobbit Video - 69791233

The Hobbits are a Menace II Middle Earth in this Rap Battle Parody

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Inigo Montoya Would be Proud

quotes crossover the princess bride movies The Hobbit - 6927552256
Created by dragonchrome

It's Almost Like All of These Kinds of Movies are the Same

movies The Avengers The Hobbit - 7837741056
Created by Unknown
lego The Hobbit trailers Video - 53880833

Desolation of Smaug Legofied

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lego The Hobbit smaug Video - 66539777

A More Realistic Take on That Conversation With Smaug

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Fear Me!

Fan Art The Hobbit smaug - 7994287360
Via ginnabean
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Get a Sneak Peek of Desolation of Smaug!

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