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Sudden Change of Heart Thorin The Hobbit - 6965808640
By bobalicious
movies honest trailers The Hobbit Video - 69708801

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets the Honest Treatment (feat. HISHE)

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twilight sparkle The Hobbit - 78685953

A bit late isn't it?

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B-b-b-bilbo Breaker!

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit facebook - 6885910272
By docturlough

It's Unexpected Journey Time!

crossover movies Fan Art The Hobbit cartoons adventure time - 6898400000
By Scavger (Via StephanieGauthier)

This Whole Mess Could Have Been Avoided

FAIL The Hobbit smaug - 7919742208
By Unknown

I Can't Believe the Last Book Isn't Even Out Yet!

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit web comics - 8358300672
Via Commitstrip

It's The Journey Not The Destination

The Hobbit web comics - 7921464576
By Unknown


comments Lord of the Rings The Hobbit - 7640352768
By Unknown
best of week fandom Lord of the Rings Memes The Hobbit trailers Video - 31073025

This Movie Is My Precious

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A Fiery Beer for Your Friendly Neighborhood Hobbit

beer The Hobbit - 8288065536
Via Laymans Beer
Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Video saturday night live - 67159809

What Happens When the Hobbit Meets the Office?

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The Reason Why He is a Wizard

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit doctor who - 6951531264
By Miigii

John is a Bit of a Hobbit

crossover Fan Art Sherlock The Hobbit - 6079894784
By Unknown
Lord of the Rings nerdgasm The Hobbit Video - 65508097

Air New Zealand Has a New In-Flight Safety Video, and It's Even More "Hobbit" Than the Last

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Sudden Change of Something Else, If You Know What I Mean

shipping gifs Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit - 7186462208
By Unknown