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The Hobbit

Want a Peek at Smaug's Hoard?

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Peter Jackson Renames "The Hobbit" Part 3

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Via Art by Lucas Graciano
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This is How Benedict Cumberbatch Got the Role of Smaug

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Dafuq is That?

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Boom, Tolkien-ed

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Inigo Montoya Would be Proud

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The One Ring: Not Even Once

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LEGO The Hobbit is Here!

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The Hobbit, in LEGO, in Just 72 Seconds

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There You are, John!

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The Hobbit Lord of the Rings Video - 56937473

They're Taking the Hobbits to NYC

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An Unexpected Journeyer

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Life Is Like a Hurricane, Here In Duckberg

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Hello Again, Legolas

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Feast Your Eyes on This Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Trailer

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This Whole Mess Could Have Been Avoided

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