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The Hobbit

hishe how it should have ended The Hobbit Video - 57700097

An Improved Ending for the Desolation of Smaug

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You're the Only One Who Can Get Through to Him, John

Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit - 7509005824
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Hello Again, Legolas

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How Smug

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Watch Where You're Pointing That Thing, Bilbo!

Bilbo Baggins movie poster movies The Hobbit - 8340566016
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There and Back Again (and Again and Again...)

gen VI Pokémon The Hobbit Memes - 6956466432
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LEGO: The Hobbit Coming 2014

lego movies The Hobbit video games Video Game Coverage - 7921303552
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TDW Geek: Benedict Cumber-Bond Villain of the Day

007 james bond Sherlock The Hobbit - 6610475520
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More Than a Hobbit for Shire

shoes puns The Hobbit - 6981297664
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The Duration of the Hobbit 2: 3:01

peter jackson The Hobbit Y U No Guy - 7955637760
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man at arms The Hobbit Lord of the Rings man at arms man at arms man at arms man at arms man at arms - 56632321

You've Probably Seen a Replica of Bilbo's Sword, but Have You Seen One That's Blue?

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The Hobbit cartoons the simpsons Video - 55898369

The Simpsons Spoofs the Hobbit

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It's Almost Like All of These Kinds of Movies are the Same

movies The Avengers The Hobbit - 7837741056
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I Can't Do This!

gifs nope The Hobbit - 7979327488
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Lord of the Rings The Hobbit trailers Video - 55145217

The Second Desolation of Smaug Trailer is Here!

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They're Our Secret Weapon

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