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apple microsoft technology USB - 1072389

Apple and Microsoft Vie for the Worst Ideas of the Day

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The flight of the year drone flying video

Man's Drone Flying Skills Are Superhuman

Conductor must've been pissed.
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tumblr thread about the space shuttle

Tumblr User Derails Our Idea Of The World's Most Advanced Transportation System

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Mad Eye Moody Technology Advancements

Harry Potter technology eyes - 7834871552
By Unknown
An angry customer refuses to cooperate with tech support, and makes threats | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/KrazeeLadee2 256d not restarting my modem! l'd sooner drive full 175 miles HQ punch Long Soooooo among literally thousands calls had my 4 years tech support an ISP, this guy really took cake apotheosis all those calls most infuriating yet hindsight) hilarious call ever had my life. He came on fairly quiet Saturday morning, and conversation started quite normally Good morning, this is

Belligerent Customer Won't Cooperate With Tech Support

Would've taken him 30 seconds.
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Please Scientists

evangelion back to the future technology - 6683339776
By denissensei (Via otakucompany)

A little Blast from the Past

technology cartoons - 8472436736
By Unknown
Funny dank memes about the discontinuation of Microsoft's operating system Windows 7 | meme heaven numerous characters from popular culture princess diana, elvis presley, tupac, bob ross, princess leia, harambe saying Come, join us to the windows 7 logo. woody from toy story so long partner.

Dank Memers Mourn The Loss Of The Beloved Windows 7

At least we get memes out of this.
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Technology Makes Antiques of us All

Via Texts From Superheroes

Sweet Idea

green arrow Super-Lols technology - 6496015872
See all captions By Abzville

Needs More JPG.

Via xkcd
memes about apple and their iphone product and some common meme themes about them

We've Collected The Funniest Memes and Tweets Following Apple’s New iPhone X Launch

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The First Official Images From Pokemon GO Just Hit The Internet, And They're More Mouthwatering Than 100K Rare Candies

Via nianticlabs

Sega's Releasing the Portable Genesis Which Features Way More Games than Nintendo's Mini-NES, and the Console Wars Have Officially Begun

Via Daily Dot
technology manga Video - 54049025

Be Inside Manga With the Help of This Manga Generator!

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Annd Now the Paranoia Sets In...

Via Oppressive Silence
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