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fallout fallout 4 technology parody apple Video - 79635457

Bethesda Introduced the True Life Pip-Boy, and Apple Won't Even Be Able to Handle It

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Funny dank memes showing Bill Gates saying, "It's amazing to think what great and exciting things people will be doing with PCs in 30 years" | Minecraft Ricardo Milos | Titanic woman yelling at a cat

Dank Memes That Make Fun Of All The Dumb Crap On The Internet, Starring Young Bill Gates

What have we done to the internet...
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IT Guy's Story About Messing Up Big Time, Accidentally Changing Client's Desktop to 'Sexy Pikachu' is Hilarious

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3D Printer Making a Yoda

awesome gifs science technology timelapse yoda - 6372187648
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memes about apple and their iphone product and some common meme themes about them

We've Collected The Funniest Memes and Tweets Following Apple’s New iPhone X Launch

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virtual reality technology lol future drones - 108038

Mcfly McFlyface

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Oh Technology, You So Incredible

science Pokémon technology - 7906031616
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Annd Now the Paranoia Sets In...

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Sweet Idea

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lego technology rubiks cube Video - 59387393

There's a New Rubik's Master on the Block, and It's Made of Bricks

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Funny tweets that make a mockery of Apple's instructions for cleaning the Apple Card

Apple Roasted For Its Bougie Instructions On Cleaning The 'Apple Card'

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This is Actually Bothering Me More Than it Should

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Cloud Strife

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Technology Lent to More Design

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An angry customer refuses to cooperate with tech support, and makes threats | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/KrazeeLadee2 256d not restarting my modem! l'd sooner drive full 175 miles HQ punch Long Soooooo among literally thousands calls had my 4 years tech support an ISP, this guy really took cake apotheosis all those calls most infuriating yet hindsight) hilarious call ever had my life. He came on fairly quiet Saturday morning, and conversation started quite normally Good morning, this is

Belligerent Customer Won't Cooperate With Tech Support

Would've taken him 30 seconds.
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Lock on Technology

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