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MLP graphs technology - 7979039744
By DeathByCupcakes
Funny memes for PC nerds | Laptop gamers summer. Laptop gamers winter. Drakeposting meme about laptops heating up | with my first PC now Why wont RDR2 run at 150 fps? Wow cant believel broke 30 fps minecraft! swole doge vs cheems

Relatable Memes For PC Geeks

Miss us with that Apple sh*t.
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Needs More JPG.

Via xkcd
lego technology rubiks cube Video - 59387393

There's a New Rubik's Master on the Block, and It's Made of Bricks

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Someone Managed to Get Counter Strike Running on Android

Via bgr
Funny tweets that make a mockery of Apple's instructions for cleaning the Apple Card

Apple Roasted For Its Bougie Instructions On Cleaning The 'Apple Card'

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fallout fallout 4 technology video games win - 82951681

This Dude Made a Fully Functional Real Life Fallout Power Fist, and We Need It

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tumblr thread about the space shuttle

Tumblr User Derails Our Idea Of The World's Most Advanced Transportation System

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virtual reality technology lol future drones - 108038

Mcfly McFlyface

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Cloud Strife

Via TheVeryNearFuture
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