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Can't Tell If Friendly or Forward

that sounds naughty superman - 7754994688
By xyzpdq1

Why Does He Need to Thicken the Plot?

Clark Kent Super-Lols superman - 6503129088
By Unknown

One Hell of a Piss...Is the Floor Covered as Well?

Awesome Art broken superman urinal - 5016853248
By maxystone

And He Wants it A LOT

sexy times superman - 6605568768
By xyzpdq1

You Flinched!

DC superheroes funny superman - 8821665024
By tamaleknight

Technically Not The First

actors superman - 7993952256
By Bennardo

If Only 'Man Of Steel' Were This Good

Straight off the Page man of steel superman - 8249818880
Via Kerry Callen
trailers star wars superheroes batman Video superman - 75211521

Audio From the Batman Vs Superman Trailer Goes Well With Star Wars VII Footage in This Fan Made Trailer

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I Guess Anyone Can Be Thor Now

Thor mjolnir batman superman - 8386036480
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Superheroes Past/Present

iron man superheroes batman Spider-Man wolverine superman flash - 7778769664
Via Khoa Ho

Just Do it Flash!!!

dinner flash JLA Straight off the Page superman thanksgiving - 5522501888

Damn Muffins!

kryptonite superman - 6624019712
By tamaleknight

Batman's Emotional Range

batman emotions superman - 8152164864
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On My Planet It Means Delicious

superman pizza - 8220588288
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best of week friendzone Super-Lols superman wonder woman - 5854001664
By fixzor

Stop Winking

TV old timey superman - 6739060480
By xyzpdq1