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Superman Just Wants To Spend Some Quality Time With His Friends

batman superman - 8206028800
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Not His Spider-Fingers!

Spider-Man bad idea fingers superman - 7169406976
By hachan

...And Then She Promptly Gets Her Ass Kicked

princess celestia superman - 8818343424
By Sephiroth1993

Rub it In Why Don't Ya

fire off the page superman - 7005961728
By Unknown

Jimmy Olsen: Live Bait

jimmy olsen superman - 8422509056
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The Newspaper Business Isn't Doing Great and Superman Has Rent Due

superheroes superman - 8745581824
By Martian_Manhunter

Parental Teachings

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Always Use That Web!

Awesome Art batman superheroes superman web - 5999461120
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Best Friends Forever

batman superman gifs Best Friends Forever
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Stop Shooting Lasers, Supes!

animation awesome lasers superman - 6866553344
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I've Always Wondered

s sexy funny superman - 7565912064
By Unknown

Sometimes It's Hard Being a Wonder Woman

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Bizarro Is Quite Humanitarian

bizarro Super-Lols superman - 5157925888
See all captions By omega

What the Hell is Rowrrff?

cocktails lois lane Straight off the Page superman - 6009635328
By xyzpdq1
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Critic's Logic

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By Bulk_biceps