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And Honestly, I Don't Care Which

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The 'A' Isn't for 'Awesome Man'?

web comics superman The 'A' Isn't for 'Awesome Man'?
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The Newspaper Business Isn't Doing Great and Superman Has Rent Due

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So.... No?

web comics superman batman So.... No?
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How Sweet of You

superman batman image How Sweet of You
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lex luthor Batman v Superman batman Video superman - 77659649

First Look at Batman v Superman Explores Their Relationship and Explains Lex Luthor's Hair

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SupeR2-D2 v Bat-3PO

superheroes batman star wars SupeR2-D2 v Bat-3PO
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The Ultimate Crime Fighting Team

superheroes batman superman The Ultimate Crime Fighting Team
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What? You Don't Think He's Role Model Material?

deadpool superheroes What? You Don't Think He's Role Model Material?
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New 'Batman v Superman' Trailer Shows How the Batmobile Stacks up Against Superman

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The Official Corporate Response Every Time They Reboot and Make Fans Mad

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You Should Sell Tickets

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Superman Just Can't be Cool

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You Done Goofed, Son

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New Batman V Superman Posters

batman wonder woman superman New Batman Vs. Superman Posters
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This Wall of Post-Its is Super

avengers superman wonder woman This Wall of Post-Its is Super
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